Agency Agreement

  • A fixed % of revenue generated for your company will be charged as the agency fee
  • Costing may be worked out together for the Marketing and other expenses
    This will cover the allocated Cost of the following Expenditure
    • Part Salary of the dedicated Marketing Personnel
    • Visa and Other Logistics
    • Use of PlayGulf Facilities (Office, Conference, Vehicles, Phones etc)
  • An expert from your company may be required to travel and train our Marketing Personnel
  • The gestation period us usually 6months to 1 Year
  • Joint efforts will be required in order to penetrate the Market
Company responsibilitys
  • Detailed Product information to be provided by the client
  • Maintain open lines of communications at all times
  • Communicate clear expectations, needs and desires to the agency
  • Brief the agency regarding product/service, how it works, its benefits and features, its shortcomings, its channels of distribution, as well as products and features offered by the competition
  • Brief the agency regarding the quality levels and costs
  • Provide the required Expertise and Experience to the Agency whenever required in order to generate the Lead
Benefits of our Relationship
  • Free use of Our office Facilities in Bahrain and Qatar by our Client Representatives
  • Access to the Highly Placed Government Officials and Business Groups
  • Great relationship with the Well known Business Houses in the Region
  • Dedicated Full Fledged Marketing Team with Industry and Region Experts
  • Facility for Visa Processing and Sponsorship for our client Personnel
  • Facility and assistance in setting up of Company
  • Regular Reporting and Market Insights